Thursday, January 17, 2008

Let’s Vote In

We Filipinos are known for our ability to band together in the snap of a finger for a common cause. In recent years, that common cause has been to provide the most number of votes to Filipino contestants in international vote-in contests. That’s the secret why Filipino contestants always win something be it the first prize or the Ms. Photogenic award. That’s also why some international contest organizers know better than to go for a vote-in format when there are Filipino contestants unless the contestants talk dirt about the country and prefer sushi to adobo. Haha.

Rumor has it that the victor in the recently concluded Austrian Musical Die-Show, Vincent Bueno won because of the legendary Filipino people-text-together power. Bueno is a full Filipino who was born in Austria. He was the only Asian in the contest that was Austria’s glitzier answer to American Idol. Instead of pop songs, contestants had to battle it out by performing theater songs that required more vocal and stage prowess. Votes for the contestants came from the residents of European nations. Bueno was said to have gotten 67% of the final votes.

Of course, the rumors are just rumors but I can just imagine every single man, woman, teen, child, cat and dog with Filipino blood living in Europe sending in thousands of votes for Bueno. I can’t deny though that from my point of view, he does seem like he deserved to win. Who am I to disagree when I can only squawk while the guy can spin on stage and sing at the same time, get wet with water while performing and not slip or croak, sing and dance while apparently not breathing and sing in theater and have six pack abs?

Yes, we who don’t know a flat from a minor definitely think he’s a sensation but I wonder what real theater experts think.

*Video Credits: ronny1988FAK1911


  1. True, true. Take Jasmine Trias for example... (peace out)

  2. It's nice clip and I like no 1

  3. Tsaka magaling din naman talaga.

  4. oo Z. magaling talaga siya. wala tayo nyan. hehehe

    proud pa rin ako sa kanya maski mrami siyang critics. at alam mo ba, nung nanalo siya, ang sinigaw niya ay "philippines, philippines" kahit austrian born siya. :)

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  6. Oh, and I really like the first vid. That's my fave song from Phantom. :D

  7. living in ohio, i have never seen these vids before. i enjoyed them. i try to learn or experience as much as i can. thank grace,

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