Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Just Another Bomb

NEWS FLASH! If you don't watch Pinoy Big Brother or Marimar, you probably wouldn't know that these primetime mind numbing programs were interrupted by breaking news. At around 8:15 this evening a bomb blew up the southwing lobby of the session hall of the House of Representattives. As of 10 p.m. one is confirmed dead while twelve are injured including Cong. Wahab Akbar, Cong. Luz Ilagan and Cong. Henry Teves.

Check your noses. That's not the scent of Christmas we're smelling but that of explosive powder, charred flesh and political intrigue.

Apparently, recent events in our country have shown that there really are far worse things than death or manic depression.


  1. Ngayon ko lang nabalitaan toh.. Hindi kasi ako nanonood ng mind numbing programs eh.(hehehe) Baka magaya ako sa kapit-bahay namin na dun na lang halos umiikot ang buhay nya.(sayang). Love reading your blog GMs. Simple pero ROCK.(Astig!!!)

  2. hehehe. manood nood ka naman paminsan minsan Z kasi baka di mo mabalitaan na may dumating na pala na mga alien. hehe.

    grabe yung bomba. tragic talaga. namatay na si cong. akbar.


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