Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Pursuit of Cash

I am fast becoming a delinquent blogger but I have not lost interest in blogging. In fact, I would love to be a full time blogger if only it could earn me more cash. The thing is, I would probably earn more if I played a harmonica on the sidewalk with a rusty can in front of me than by blogging. I’m not about to play instruments and do somersaults in the streets yet, but I’m beginning to think that’s not such a bad idea compared to what I’m doing now.

The reason why I can’t blog so often anymore is because I currently have two jobs with a third job fast approaching. No, I have no plans of self-annihilation or death by fatigue. Neither do I have delusions of gold deposits and a Swiss bank account. For some in the Philippines, working two eight hour shifts is not motivated by ambition but by survival. Yes, I am driving myself insane with work so I can send my daughter to school and myself to a mental institution.

This kind of reminds me of the government computation made this year that said that a family of five in the National Capital Region could live on a monthly income of P8,254 ($184.44). I suppose my husband and I could abandon our pursuit of cash and live on the estimated income as long as we refrain from buying clothes, eating anything else other than noodles and sending our child to a good school. Incidentally, I am still infinitely better off than a lot of Filipinos. The World Bank said earlier this year that 15 million Filipinos attempt to survive on $1 a day. Wow! That’s something else even I can’t imagine.


  1. your right sis u must have two jobs this days just to survive,pero sis wag kna mag tatlo think of ur self too.nag aalala lang po;).kaya nga isa lang masasabi ko welcome to the republic of the philippines.hehehe

  2. hehehe. oo. grabe talaga ang kayod dito. ibang klase. salamat tantrum:)

  3. he he he i have one job and a lot of sidelines (blogging) ...
    try mo kaya yan ...

  4. hmm. interesting idea junelle. thanks :) by the way you really have a cool, clean blog. great work


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