Sunday, September 16, 2007

Philippines in Uncyclopedia

I don’t have the figures to prove my point. I have no doubt though that many of my countrymen will agree that we Filipinos are notorious for being extremely proud of our racial heritage. The mere suggestion of an insult directed to anything Filipino would be enough to raise an uproar of such cataclysmic proportions that the poor hapless critic can soon expect to equate his life with standing naked under a hail storm.

This is why I now wonder what fellow Filipinos think of the country’s description in Uncyclopedia. For those who have no idea what the site is about, just imagine Wikipedia on a perpetual drinking spree with psychotropic drugs on the side. The result is an acidic, witty and impertinent view of everything under the sun and beyond it. You might even find it humorous if you’re not in it.

As expected a number of online Filipinos who do not appreciate satire have decided to miss the point altogether and react on the Philippine article. I am not qualified to have any kind of reaction because my own acidic tastes will not permit objectivity and will equally suggest impudence. It would be interesting to know though what other Filipinos within my circle think of the site and our article.

All right, maybe it does hurt my sense of national pride a bit but only because the article holds some grains of truth. Isn’t it partly true that a boxer is becoming more celebrated than the national hero, that more people are singing Boom Tarat-Tarat than the national anthem and that we are under the rule of a half Ewok?

Read and think about it.


  1. I don't think I need to read the whole thing to know what it's about. One thing: DLSU and ADMU were in the sidebar. Where on Earth is UP?

  2. wahaha. i was right. you are so becoming a UP loyalist! i think i read about UP in uncyclopedia. do check it out. just search for UP

  3. hahahaha.. well said.


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