Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Estrada Plunder Case-- He's Guilty!

I was on my usual mode of seat warming and writing vapid articles that don’t really matter when I received the message of the decade from my mobile phone service provider. Estrada is guilty of plunder.

Of course there was no doubt that he would be found guilty but writing about this one piece of news is like treading on thin glass. I suppose that if we had a totally blameless government right now I would have gone on in sparks of approbation over the verdict. Right now though, I don’t feel like saying that justice has prevailed. That would make me sound like Ignacio Bunye or all the other lying, cheating folks in the administration who are no better than Estrada. That would be like rejoicing over nabbing a robber when an equally big heist is being performed in front of us.

If justice always prevails then why is Arroyo not on the docks too? Even if she does ever find her neck on the noose, the future of our country will be grimmer than ever because we don’t have very palatable choices. The future candidates for president are divided into two groups. One group supports a former thief and the other supports the reigning thief. Now tell me, where is the lesser of two evils in that? Come on, they're all of the same color but are just in different pirate boats. They'd as much feed us to the sharks as they would each other.

So right now I just feel like shutting up and getting depressed.

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