Friday, September 14, 2007

Caution: Watch Your Head

I was in the mall yesterday when a store sign caught my attention. It said, “Caution: watch your head.” Is it just me or do you find that funny too?

I remember a few years back when my husband was looking through clear glass at a store display. He did embarrassingly hit his head on the display window. I thought it was an isolated case. I didn’t know that a lot of people actually go through the same experience so frequently that it has pushed a store to put up a warning sign. That either says a lot about the cleaning abilities of store employees or the temporary lack of attentiveness that can sometimes afflict both geniuses and—er—the rest of us. At least geniuses have an excuse.

I wonder if window bumping is a worldwide phenomenon or happens only in the Philippines.

(Note: I do apologize for the picture which was taken with a cheap camera which partly explains the picture’s cheap quality. Well, to be honest, I was also scared of the roving mall guards who could’ve mistaken me for a loony and could’ve taken me into custody. So the picture was taken at a saaaaafe distance.)


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