Wednesday, August 22, 2007


My husband once told me that I was raised so freakishly different that letting me roam around the city alone would be similar to leaving a blind new born kitten in the middle of a national highway. I was more than over protected. I practically grew up in another planet and never even knew it until I got married and left the Andromeda galaxy for Earth. This is probably why my husband is always afraid that I might end up half dead in a canal because I took a lollipop from a stranger.

What my husband doesn’t know is that my new job has taken me to a far worse highway than anywhere I’ve ever been on. Everyday I commute through the information super highway and the things I see and hear make the news seem like a fairy tale.

Just recently, a writing assignment has brought me to Dendrophilian's YouTube page. Dendrophilian is a self confessed atheist and a pedophilia supporter. I am not so immersed in my self delusion to think that Dendrophilian belongs to an entirely new breed. I know there are people like him and that society says their presence is a fact of life. What is discomforting is that one of his videos in support of pedophilia sounds like a dignified rational sociological thesis defense, not a violent rant against the conventions of society. What is even more surprising is that this man has more than two thousand subscribers and has been repeatedly praised for his logic and intelligence. His two videos in support of pedophilia have been viewed thousands of times, have each been rated with three stars and have combined favorite votes of more than a hundred… HUNDREDS and THOUSANDS…

… makes me want to pack my children’s things in time for the next interstellar bus ride to Andromeda.


  1. Grabe! Mapuntahan nga yung link na yun ng video mo. Ang ganda ng mga sulat mo Gracemags, may sense lahat.. Well, don't pack your children's things and leave the Earth. We must stand in the name of truth and righteousness.

    "[God says] Do not fear, for I am with you, Do not be dismayed, for I am your GOD. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isiah 41:10"

  2. if you disagree with him and haven't seen his videos that a very bad way of showing that someone is wrong, I have seen his videos, he does not support pedophilia, but makes a great argument on irrational views on pedophilia, like you said Im locking away my kids, that gives the view that all pedophilia are rapists, i like girls my own age I don't go out and rape them,

  3. sean, i didn't say anything about proving him wrong. in fact i said "one of his videos in support of pedophilia sounds like a dignified rational sociological thesis defense, not a violent rant against the conventions of society" which is exactly what you said about him having rational arguments.

    i have seen his videos and i have been careful not to judge him precisely because i know there are different kinds of people out there. i am merely expressing my opinion that i have never been exposed to the realities of the world and it scares me because i know nothing about the world. i want to lock my kids up not because i think all pedophiles are rapists. i'm locking them up because i don't know which ones are the shady characters. i also did not say anything about raping. there are other ways to hurt a person than by raping.

    by the way, he has one video that says he does support pedophilia. if i have time i will look for that and give a link

  4. thanks for replying,when I said if you haven't seen his videos I meant the other people commenting,I don't agree with everything he said let me get that straight, I know you just care about your kids and you don't want them to get harmed just like everyone else, we could argue if he agrees or disagrees with pedophilia but I don't think we will ever come to a conclusion, so lets just agree to disagree,

  5. thank you sean. that's very gracious of you. i was thinking the same thing.

    i'm glad you were the one who stumbled on this post. many people online are not as well mannered as you. a lot of people i have met in the internet have tried to bite my head off just because i wouldn't agree with what they disagreed with. that's why sometimes i can get pretty defensive. :)thanks :) you've made my day :)

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  7. errr..... he only questions the validity of the age of consent. He doesn't say he's in favor of pedophilia nor does he say it's ok to RAPE a child.

    He only says a adult can have a relation with a minor and neither of them be hurt in the process.
    I think it's something worth thinking...
    And even if his view on pedophilia disturbs you, you shouldn't imply people that view his videos are bad persons or that he shouldn't have any subscribers.
    It's important to have free speech. As important as the human rights.

  8. thank you for dropping by kriptonis.

    if memory serves me right, i believe i have been very careful in crafting my sentences simply because i know that there are people who have different views and that they should be respected. i never implied in any way that people who view his videos are evil. i implied that there are both good and evil people and that it is hard to make distinctions. my only concern is for my child and how the world and her environment can influence her decisions and interactions. i for one, would not want her to consent to anything until she has fully gained physical, emotional, mental and financial maturity. an advanced level of maturity will help her cope better with whatever will be the outcome of any relationship. (please read my response to sean carefully)

    as for proving that dendrophilian is a supporter of pedophilia, i also already gave an answer to that in my answer to sean's comment

  9. or maybe you should look at it the other way. maybe he's a sarcastic asshole and people watch him because he's funny as fuck. not only that but he doesn't let things look too serious.

  10. Hello.
    Dendrophilian approach on his debate has room for improvement. Also the inconstancy to fill in the gaps. Though is arguments have base.
    He has recently uploaded a new video today in fact. I wrote to him with my input and he was very happy on what I had t say.

    My view 1
    My view 2

    He took these in to account and congratulated me on my work.

  11. Why do you deny his argument with a fallacious appeal to emotions? His ethical nihilism is an imperfect response to determinism (we should still have some social control) and he relies too strongly on determinism's truth (probabalism supports his conclusions) but what makes you so judgmental?

    Stop feeling and start thinking.


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