Wednesday, July 25, 2007


It's been five months since I first began as a home based web content writer. I must say that it has done me a whole lot of good. I have finally fulfilled my life long dream of becoming a hermit.


From my makeshift office that's probably smaller than Paris Hilton's closet, I have little to amuse me in between exercising my fingers sore. Everyday, I grow perilously close to attracting cobwebs in my stationary position and becoming a cellulite infested, halitosis prone social retard. It's a great wonder that I haven't been seeing my dead relatives outside my window yet.

Nonetheless, there are still advantages to being an online writer. At least now I know that a muscle car is not a cleaning agent brand; that diabetes can kill you with a heart attack; that dogs can't eat chocolate; and that there are more screwed super stars than just Lohan, Spears and Hilton.

Yeah, I have just matured into an introverted walking encyclopedia who can practically rattle off to my imaginary friends about anything under the sun.

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