Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Rise of the Killer Supplements

There was a point in time when both physical and mental illnesses were thought to have been curable by bleeding a patient senseless or confining him until he was convinced that there were worse things than death. Modern science has since labelled such methods as primitive and inhuman.

On a similar note, it seems highly probable that fifty or so years from now, our present methods will also meet with some disapproval. Painful surgical incisions, side effect promoting medications and hormone scrambling psychotropic drugs will eventually be viewed with vomit inducing distaste. If history were allowed to go through its natural course, current medical practices will eventually transition to less frightening solutions. The problem however with recent trends is the temptation to preempt history.

Enter the evil dark lords of pseudo supplement-dom and their quest to rule the financial market. They all have the same scripts, "There are no miracle cures but we're better than scalpels and a few stitches and medications that make you queasy 'cause we're all natural. You can even get your money back if you can manage to navigate your way through the fine print of our intentionally muddled return policy."

yellow suplement capsules

No one can probably blame patients who can't afford highway robbery surgical operations and who are desperate for side effect free relief. I too would admittedly shrink from pumping my body full with chemicals. It would still however, be the height of insanity to put your life in the hands of cash starved backyard ghost companies that put a bad name on real reputable supplements.

Pseudo supplements are not called drugs and medicines for a reason. It is because their claims of providing treatment are scientifically unfounded. They will rule the world though if we amazingly persist in being stupid.

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