Friday, July 13, 2007

Modern Exhibitionism

Blogging is modern exhibitionism. Having your thoughts flashed in a free for all system is just like walking naked in the midday sun. Lady Godiva had long locks, a horse and social activism to cover a similar act up. Bloggers only have supposed anonymity that is as virtual as the digital reality we all thrive in. The more daring among us don't want to hide anything at all.

computer keyboard

If we are exhibitionists, would that make modern peeping toms voyeurs? I suppose so, although there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a look at specimens who willingly subject themselves to either social scrutiny or admiration.

To be honest there's nothing more exhilirating than traipsing naked around the internet and watching others do the same thing. It probably beats skydiving all the time.


  1. Definitely, I agree with you...My blog is a personal reflection of my life and if you have the chance to read it, then you know me considerably, without meeeting me in person (naked)...hahahaha. Kidding aside, thru my blogsites, I want to inspire other people to be achievers regardless of our status in the society... being poor is not a hindrance to achieve our dreams!

  2. Godspeed always. you have a noble goal...


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