Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Court Says No to Trillanes

Antonio Trillanes IV won a seat at the senate despite his opponents' smear campaigns and outright cheating. It seems though as if he won't even be able to warm his seat. The men in black togas have ruled that Trillanes, a former military officer in the docks for rebellion, will not be allowed to do his job and participate in senate proceedings.

I have the utmost respect for the judiciary system. I suppose they have yet again correctly interpreted the law as constitutional watchdogs Mirriam Defensor Santiago and Joker Arroyo seem to be in the habit of doing. This however makes Trillanes' court sanctioned proclamation not only pointless and illogical but stupid. They should've just disallowed that too if the proclaimed wouldn't be allowed to do his job anyway.

Next time, mongrel lawmakers should just have enough foresight for their masters in high places. They might as well have a law barring suspects of every kind and color from running for public office. This seems highly undemocratic but lawmakers should've known that Filipinos have a penchant for making unlikely things happen. They should've known that if actors and criminals can win in elections, then so can handsome loose-lipped enemies of the present government.

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